Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Closing Time at Wharton

Today was the last day of classes at Wharton. One project was due today. One project is due Friday. One project is due next Monday, and the last due next Wednesday. I would like to finish the paper in the next two days, and then I will be very almost done with my share.

As mentioned last night, the project that was due today was put together very quickly over the weekend, and I learned that I don't work that way. I'm not too flexible about working at the last minute. Kind of frustrating...but it's done and over.

Tonight I went with Tara, a Wharton woman whom I worked with in the Jewish community before business school, to a beer tasting event. I liked three of the beers. I tasted a lot more than three. We had a very long, nice walk/talk there, and I had a nice walk home.

The INSEAD left-overs (those who haven't left Philly yet) met up at a bar tonight. The bar tender was a superstar and brought me chicken fingers even though the kitchen was closed. He didn't even charge me. Super nice. I also had a few beers. Good beers. It was a bit sad to say goodbye to people, since nearly everyone who is here will be going to INSEAD's campus in Fonty. Five of us (one more changed to Singapore - it was four yesterday!) will be going to Singapore. There are a few people here who I just like having around.

Two quotes of the night:
Davide (in a wonderfully strong Italian accent) "Guys!!! I have a very important idea. I have no class between 4th and 9th of June, so why don't we go to Iceland?!"
Because that's normal. We all go to Iceland when we have no class.

Raphael (who has a GPA off the charts and does everything, and does it very thoroughly) "Melanie, don't obsess. You've got it under control." (i.e. don't work on your essay tonight). Just ironic for a guy that obsesses and makes sure all of his work is always under control. Always.

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