Monday, April 6, 2009


I swear, I could move to Boston, and I could just move right into Sarah's life. She sent me to a cafe on Friday, and I sat there for six hours, and I fit right in. I don't even think they noticed me. Friday night we went to her friends' house for dinner, and not only did I know people in common with them, but I really liked them (and their friend, and Sarah's boyfriend).

Saturday her and Ben's friends came over, and we watched basketball together with her roommate, Kristin, and it was excellent. Good pizza, and good times. Kaitlin (sp?) sort of reminded me of Jill. Good people. (or as three different people said this weekend, "good eggs.")

Today consisted of Portuguese sausage along with a side of Nancy and a topping of David. I had Jer to drink. It was a nice brunch.

The weekend was totally necessary - to not run around and do a million things or run around and see a million different people. Sarah is a lot like me, in that she doesn't really chill either, so unlike both of us, we just didn't do anything, and I hope she enjoyed it as much as I did.

I do have two things to say that I experienced today. In New Hampshire.

I checked my backpack at the Manchester, NH airport. The woman said, "that's a small bag to check." "Yes. Unfortunately I have to check it because it has mousse." "You don't have to check mousse!" "Actually I do, because it's bigger than 3oz. It's very inconvenient." "People bring their MOOSE on board all the time! No problem. Is it stuffed?" "NO!!! I'm talking about HAIR MOUSSE! People really bring stuffed dead animals onto the plane???" Did she really think a stuffed moose would fit in my backpack anyways? New Hampshire is really different than Singapore (and New York, and Philly, and Boston, and Michigan...).

I sat next to a super cute, nice sophomore from Penn today on the plane. She's an SDT, went home for her cousin's bat mitzva, and she's going right back to Boston for Passover this week. I asked her if she knew Hallie, obviously (no). She told me that all of her friends - ALL of her friends - from Penn have blackberrys. She told me all about how they need it, and how it has changed her life. She showed me "bbm" - where you can see who has their blackberry on, and you can just send them a message (I think we call that a text message in normal cell phone talk). I was blown away. Really? These people need blackberrys?

I went out with Elan this past week, and we were talking about how when we were in college and people got cell phones, we would make fun of them, because they obviously thought they were SO important that they needed to be reached at all moments. We would shout "BUY! SELL!" at someone who had a cell phone. Then...two years later, everyone had cell phones. I guess that's what's happening with the BB.

And then someone pooed on my pants. (just kidding, sarah)

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Anna said...

Ha. I specifically remember in college when my best friend got a cell phone. I sat her down and was like, "seriously, you are not that important." I thought it was the most ridiculous thing and refused to call her on it. But by the time we graduated we all had phones...

And that moose thing is hysterical!