Sunday, November 17, 2013

Visit with Dena

This past week I had one of my best friends, one of the most important people in my life, come to visit. For the SECOND time! Dena came from Israel for a fantastic six days.

Dena and I met in 1990 at camp, and we have been friends since, though we became close when she moved to Israel in 1993 and I started spending a lot of time there shortly after. Her home was my home in Israel and our relationship grew. I visited her in Israel and in Chicago, where she was in grad school, and I believe she may have visited nearly all of my homes in the last 20 years or so! The last time we saw each other was 2009, before (immediately before...) both of us became pregnant, two kids each and other major changes in our lives. We have spoken (not regularly) and chatted on facebook (regularly) and a bit of skyping...but there is just nothing like sitting on the couch for hours sharing parenting strategies, telling stories of what it's really like for us right now and just brain dumping.

While I have made great friends here in Singapore, being with someone whom I have known for so many years, knows my goods, bads, and all of what makes me ME is such a powerful thing for me. I explained that a bit when Shana, Daniel, Seth, Emily, Mike, Jo and all of the kids came to Michigan last month - it is powerful for me to be around these people who mean so much to me and with whom I share an important history, when it so rarely happens in my life right now.

We had a LOT of adventures given my current state of total chaos. We went to Tekka Market, the Botanic Gardens, Marina Bay Sands (including the top), my neighborhood temple tour, Chinatown, Orchard Rd, Little she ventured out to Arab Street and the National Museum. For Kabbalat Shabbat and dinner we went to Chesed El and walked we spent plenty of time just sitting on the couch and hanging out with Samara and Elie.

Yes - we are not in a routine right now. Elie doesn't seem to like to sleep (in a bed at least) during the day. We had only been back for a week when Dena arrived and had only a few days before gotten over jetlag. We are leaving in less than two weeks for holiday. Yes - we definitely have no schedule right now, and I'm very all over the place, so I was a bit stressed trying to get it all together - Oh and Matt was in London all week - but we had a fantastic time, and I am so so thankful that she came to visit. What a serious treat.

Next time in Jerusalem!!
Idli, uttapam, dosa and Dena

Dena and my kids (sort of)

top of Marina Bay Sands