Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wedding in the Clouds

Apparently all week in Denver it was 70s and 80s and sunny. And clear. Friday was in the 70s, and the sun shone, and it was beautiful.

Bryan and Mandy chose a place in the mountains to have their wedding. Apparently it's at the foothills - right next to the big ones. They planned to do the ceremony outside. The view is apparently spectacular.

Driving up to the wedding yesterday was literally scary. There was about five meters visibility (in SCUBA terms). We were driving 30 something miles per hour. We couldn't see anything around us. We arrived at the building, and went inside, and the windows did us no good, unfortunately. We were in a giant cloud...the entire time. On the bus on the way home, the sky finally opened up a bit, and everything cleared, but unfortunately it was after the wedding.

Nonetheless the ceremony was beautiful and personal - their friend married them, they wrote their own vows, chose the readings, and the space and atmosphere itself was very intimate. The bride and groom were beautiful. We had a fun time meeting new cousins (there's a small post-Holocaust contingent here in Denver), putting mints into champagne (they fizz a lot), hanging with the family, and talking.

Saturday night the Birnholtz family took over a local cafe - we literally played Boggle in a public restaurant - with four tables together. Maybe people do that in Denver, and it's normal? Probably not. Later there was a giant Birnholtz-family euchre tournament. Lisa and I had a come-from-behind strong victory in games one and three, and we will claim the gold. The ESPN commentary to the third game goes a little like this: We were down 6-2, and Lisa went alone (JJAK off A). Then we euchred them (6-8), and we got them all in the next hand. Oh yeah. We won.

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