Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sam Videos

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bangkok - take 3, 4 and 5

Since my last post I have been traveling a lot for work and not around too much to ponder life (for better and for worse). In the meantime, I traveled to Bangkok three times, twice for work and once for fun. Let's talk fun.

Samara took her parents and Bubbie and Zaydie to Bangkok for a three day weekend as part of their trip to visit her in Asia. I thought that traveling with a child her age might not be that fun - we were out of practice, since we hadn't traveled since March. Turns out we were totally wrong. She was awesome, and it was super fun.

Overall, we got in late Thursday night (Sam walked up and down the plane aisle at least 40 times, but she was super flexible and great, even though we arrived after 10pm), spent Friday at the Grand Palace, Reclining Buddha and went for dinner in a fun area, spent Saturday shopping at the Weekend Market and swimming, ate great food, walked around, got a message, and we left on Sunday.

Friday Sam slept through the first hour of the Grand Palace. We thought we could skip her morning nap, but she didn't last. She loved all of the elephants, especially, when she woke up. We were hot. She didn't seem to mind. When we went to see the Reclining Buddha, she couldn't believe it. It's HUUUGGGEE, and she kept saying, "buddha sleeping" and going over all of the parts of her face (nose, mouth, hair, etc.) - again and again. She kept running to the next side of the pillar to see another view. She really loved it. She even pointed out the buddhas to women who were praying to them. She loves her buddhas.

Friday Night we went to dinner at a great restaurant near Pat Pong area. We walked around the night market in that area, and Sam walked on her own (in a super cute dress, so she may have drawn a bit more attention than necessary). As we walked from stall to stall, everyone would say "HI BABY!" and grab her. Some even kissed her - her arm, her face...there were men dressed as men, women as women and all switched around - seriously like a dream - all saying, "HI BABY!!" I thought she would be traumatised by all of the faces jumping in her way, but instead she just said, "hello" back.

Another highlight was Saturday night. We decided to go for a rooftop drink at the Banyan Tree, where we were staying. It's a fancy bar, and we have been turned away before for wearing the wrong shoes. I called before we went (even though it was only four floors up from our room!) and asked if they take kids. They said, "we don't serve kids, but you can bring them." Ok. We thought we would try. Well they may not "serve kids" but they sure as hell pay more attention to them than they have in any restaurant in the US! The waiters took her away to play. Everyone said hi as she marched around the bar. The bar tender made her a special diluted apple juice with a pineapple and flower stuck in for fun. We don't serve kids? That's the most she's been served anywhere!

All in all, another fabulous trip to Bangkok. It really feels like a vacation - especially when you have a small agenda, eat great food and relax a LOT. Considering my work recently - that's exactly what I/we needed.

In other news, not too much has changed since I last updated the blog. Fran and Tom were here for a month, with a bit of traveling in the middle. Samara LOVED her time with her Bubbie and Zaydie, and they loved it with her.

Samara is talking like crazy and developing many opinions. She's actually quite bossy (like me - I admit it). She tells me where to sit, how, which book to read, when, what music she wants to listen's pretty funny. She says words like:
yian (lion)
yellow (she likes the tongue "L" thing for that one and hello)
tail and lots of other body parts - though I'm pretty sure she thinks she has a tail. She keeps looking for it.
tuk tuk

She constantly asks to skype with Alma (in Israel), Bubbie and Zaydie, Safta and Papa.

We are loving the time with Sam (whenever we have it). She's just hilarious. I will post photos and videos soon.