Thursday, January 29, 2015


I guess we moved back to the US. We are definitely not in Singapore anymore. Holy snow.

Saturday morning we woke up and had a winter wonderland outside. It was super fun - we built a big snowman, hung out throwing ourselves (ok, Sam and Elie did that) all over, Matt was gorgeous and fun, especially since it was in the 30s. Sunday we played in it some more. Monday was pretty much as usual until the evening. Then the city shut down as a huge blizzard was expected. We all slept like super champs and woke up to about a foot of snow on the ground. But it was coming down. Hard. In the early afternoon it seemed to slow down and we ended up with probably two feet of snow! It was super cold, so not THAT much fun to go out and play in for a long time, but it was pretty unbelievable to see and experience. We played inside all day, watched Frozen, did a few different bead projects, read about a hundred books, baked a bit, made it outside for a bit, and three of the four of us were in pajamas all day (Sam had to wear a dress, of course).

Wednesday (yesterday) was another snow day from school but not from Matt's work. Luckily (?) I had a doctor appointment to check on the fetus (heart looks good, placenta looks better than they thought at the last scan, and it's triple confirmed it has a penis), so we got out of the house early. Both kids came with me, and Samara was a super big helper. The kids basically ate through the appointment, which was totally fine. We asked Samara's friend, Emmy if we could come by for a bit, which was super nice and fun. The rest of the day went by as normal with lunch, naps and playing (I couldn't convince Sam to go outside - she barely moves after her nap) and Nancy came over for a visit. Thank goodness we're back to our regularly scheduled life today.

The snow is still CRAZY - it's like a tunnel to walk down our sidewalk, and the snow banks are as high as the stop signs, and I just heard on the radio that we're expecting 2-4 inches tonight and another storm on Sunday night/Monday! Where exactly is that snow going to go? I don't know - but as long as we have heat and electricity (and school to keep that older lady busy) - I am happy!

Saturday's snow - we tried to walk down the street

Snowman take one

This hare came hopping by and visited our snowman! So exciting!

He needed a hat makeover. Sam wanted to make a snow cat in the hat

My kids playing with Dustin and Meagan's kids in Concord

Tuesday - snow day. Beading project #1

Elie's snack with a view

Holy cow

Normal Elie

Seriously up to my waist!

Wednesday - this is how it still looks

Sunday, January 18, 2015

WAAAY too many photos

I just realized I haven't posted photos since OCTOBER...and there have been loads of cute photo ops! This leads to a blog post of photos only - and WAY too many!!

We hung out with Joseph and his family in the Arb in Ann Arbor, right around Halloween

We saw a giant and old oak tree get moved a block in Ann Arbor

Sam and her Chinese teacher, Lissy Lau Shu (on Halloween)

A visit to papa's office and Elie starts to kinda walk

Trick or treat!

We went to Mike and Jess's seats for the very end of the game. Go Blue! 

While living in Singapore we dreamt of going to Michigan games! If they were only was kinda disappointing...

Sam and Pap build a snowman with a teeny tiny bit of snow (in Michigan)

Reading what's so important about with Joseph and Papa

Elie can't get enough bananas

This box was weeks of fun. A Frozen reading nook of sorts.

First glimpse of baby boy Hildebrandt, coming sometime in May, most likely


Riding Papa was a daily activity in Michigan!

Visiting Sandy Schwartz

Checking out butterflies with Uncle Dan

Look at the expressions in this photo - visiting Grandma

Sam's Shabbat at school at Temple Israel (which she LOVED!)

We got a bonus evening with Liba!

Cuddling selfie

Going for a walk with Papa to check out Christmas decorations

Just cute

Rolling around with Joseph and Oliver in Ann Arbor

Finished packing up all of our stuff. See you in Boston!

We had half of Hanukkah in Michigan and half in Newton


Playing with Jeremy while Matt and I could try to get a bit unpacked. Sam's first big girl bed.

Our first real dinner in our new house, on our "new" (craigslist) table. It was a day after Hanukkah, but we had actually found our menorah AND we had matches, so we lit it anyway. Sam was doing her "thinking face" not rolling her eyes like a teenager. Don't worry.

Dim sum in Chinatown on Christmas

Sam walking Sadie

It's cold in this country!

Sam in her bed. Sleeping with her hat. With her Michigan quilt, made by Shana's mom, Ruth Kurlandsky - BUT only on the non-quilt side (now she finally let us flip it over to the amazing quilt side)

Sam started "reading" books to Elie. They both love it. Beautiful.

Big sister walks the little wanderer all the way to the main road

Happy birthday to mommy!!

Matching pajamas eating matching morning homemade yogurt popsicles. Ah to be a younger brother when your older sister only had two warm pajamas at this age. One was pink and one was purple. 

Savta visits! And Elie is OBSESSED with Jewish books (only)

Sam's first day of Temple Shalom! (She LOVES it!)

Going out to play in the late afternoon.

hat hat hat hat hat hat hat

Playing outside our house

Sam, are you still in the bathroom!?

Our new couch