Saturday, April 25, 2009

Matt's Birthday

Tonight, in Singapore, Matt invited a bunch of our friends to have a drink with him for his birthday. So many wonderful people showed up! I wish I could have been there. Sounds like just about everyone we know was there!

Matt had his birthday celebration in a neighborhood pub, probably our only neighborhood pub that's not a food court drink stall, that just re-located and re-opened. They have a reasonably priced good selection of beer. It's called the Dog and Bone, but for some reason, Matt ALWAYS calls it Fox and Hound - which was the bar he lived above in five years ago.

Anyways - I wish I could celebrate Matt's 32nd birthday with him. It's Sunday. Happy birthday, Matt!!

Meanwhile, I am at a large B'holtz gathering for Bryan and Mandy's wedding in Denver. I don't believe I have ever really spent time in Denver. I still can't say that I have explored too much. Jer and I sat in a coffee shop for the majority of the day and did work. We did have a nice walk around with the 'rents, and a nice hotel room visit with the grand'rents.

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