Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Firefox Tabs

I think my firefox tabs tell a lot about what I do.
I guess that's true for everyone.

Right now I have:
MP3 Stream: streaming Michigan Radio (Philly NPR doesn't work clearly through itunes)
Gmail - Inbox: no explanation needed
Innovation Toolkit: working on an innovation project for a class
Funding the IMF: just went to a talk on the IMF and its response to financial crises in the past, and I didn't understand where they get their money from
Blogger: Great Expectasia: no explanation needed
Facebook: no explanation needed
Harvard Business Review: Looking to get a subscription (just emailed INSEAD admin to see if we get a discount!)
Philadelphia International House: looked up the address of where I'm currently staying in order to ship some Amazon books
INSEAD insight: another INSEAD blogger

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