Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sad State of Fashion Affairs

I have never been into fashion. I have never had a good fashion sense. But I have tried to look a little nice in the past. I had fun socks. I have played around with scarves, and occasionally jewelry (mostly earrings). I also enjoyed a few different types of shoes.

Now it's all different. I need:
- To never think about what is on my body
- To be covered completely (tricky areas seem to be belly, butt crack and breasts, while breastfeeding all the time)
- To be so completely comfortable

This means that I have worn either flip flops or sneakers nearly every day for the last year or so (other than during the crazy snow time, when I wore boots exclusively). I need to be able to slip on and off my shoes. I have no time to tie them or zip them or buckle them. Plus I usually am carrying a child or two. Who has two hands to put on shoes? Even my Danskos are taking my mental space, since they aren't tightly fitting.

When I got back to the US I couldn't believe the black pants / yoga pants / leggings phenomenon. It may be present in Singapore, but I was too hot to ever wear anything more than shorts/skirts, so if it was there, I didn't notice it. I couldn't believe how nearly everyone here (West Bloomfield area / Newton area...) wore black pants, nearly everyday. Now I totally get it. They cover the butt crack. They are so comfortable. You can even spot wash them when you get puked on or yogurted during the day. Magical. I only have one pair, though, so I have to space out wearing them. My days of wearing pants a few times without washing them are over (for now).

My two pairs of jeans and two pairs of pants (they both happen to be navy) are all mostly comfortable, but they are low fitting, and they do not hide my bottom (perhaps the bottom has grown - but that's for another day...). Somehow I need to find some new pants that are comfortable, not sweat-pants-ish and do not ride down...This is an immediate concern. In the meantime I can usually tuck in a tank top and pull up my pants as much as possible.

Nursing tank tops are life savers. If you have to nurse in public all day long, at least your belly is covered. That helps a little bit.

I need to layer. If I'm hot, I need to shed a layer. I have zero patience to be hot for more than a minute. I don't have time to nicely take something off and put it somewhere where it can sit nicely. The extra layer has to be a fleece or zip up or something easy.

Tie strings around hoods are insanely annoying right now - Koby ends up trying to nurse from them, they dip into dirty diapers, baths, good at all.

All this to say that nearly everyday I wear the same thing:
Some plain shirt - long sleeved or short sleeved
A nursing tank top
A fleece or hoodie
A pair of pants
A super comfy pair of running socks
I haven't changed my jewelry in over a year.

How boring.