Monday, May 4, 2009

Leaving Philadelphia

In the end, I really liked Philly. It's a great city with good food, totally walkable,'s just good. Last week was spent finishing up all of my papers (three group and one on my own) and visiting New York for one last time. I got to spend some quality time with Erin, a bit with Joe, Eli, Jon, and Ellen as well. It was a short one.

Mom and Dad came to Philly on Thursday. We basically walked the entire city. According to my dad's wrist GPS system (which you are VERY aware of him having, when you're with him), we walked eight miles. Yup - my mom just had surgery a few months ago. She's crazy. We drank great coffee, walked all the way down South Street, had a tuna burger lunch, visited Old City, Independence Hall, etc., and we went to a great pizza/beer place in W. Philly. That made my dad nervous. It was a really nice two days with them in Philly. I think they even ended up liking the city. It's not that any of us DISliked it before - we just never really thought about it.

My parents decided to splurge, and we stayed at the Ritz. When we were getting directions to catch the trolley to W. Philly, the concierge was saying we should just take a taxi (shouldn't be more than $15 plus tip - UM THAT'S A LOT!). He said, "remember, you are in an urban environment" with a bit of city-disdain. I wanted to say, "yes. Thank you. We're not really the Ritz crowd. We'll be fine on the trolley." We were.

Saturday morning I left the hotel at 7, and 29.5 hours later...12:30 late on Sunday night...I arrived at home. Philly to Chicago to Hong Kong (15.5 hour flight!) to Singapore. I am really excited to be reunited with Matt and the Kitty...but I forgot how hot it is in this country!!! URGH!

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