Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Traveling with Kids

Apparently I didn't complain and whine enough about traveling with my kids. While we were visiting people in the last few weeks a few people told me that they were surprised to hear me say that I was done traveling - that it was hard for me and it exhausts me. They said I make it look so easy. So I wanted to set the record straight - I have a HARD time traveling! The kids, on the other hand, are almost always amazing. It's just me.

These past two weeks we went to Boston, Westchester (outside of New York City), Washington DC and San Francisco area. Matt wanted to go to Israel, Ireland, a major road trip in the US and probably five other trips as well. I said I would not do international travel and I would go for two weeks. I mean, our kids are four (she's easy) and one (he's NOT!). So this is what he came up with. All in all, it went super smoothly, it was great to see people (as many as we could - not time to see everyone we wanted...), the kids were amazing and super flexible, and I was tired and complained a lot. If it were up to me, I would never travel right now. Before we had kids I was up for nearly anything, all the time. Now...I am stressed by sleeping situations, finding food to eat for each meal, nap times and bed times plus dealing with my kids while I'm exhausted.

Sam and Elie slept in tons of different places. They slept in my cousins' bedrooms in Boston, Sam slept in three different rooms in our friend's house in DC, with a gigantic horse on the floor of an extra bedroom in Briarcliff Manor and in a bedroom on the floor of a random Air B&B house in Palo Alto. She slept in her car seat. She slept on the plane. We tell her it's nap time, and sometimes while in a vehicle she needs incentives (after you wake up you can have an m&m...), but she's amazing. She puts her thumb in her mouth, closes her eyes and she's gone. ("Daddy, how can you fall asleep without sucking your thumb?") Elie was also a champ in four different pack n'plays and in loads of different rooms and car seats. He's a bit trickier, but hey, he eats, so you can't have it all...

So, now we are done. Perhaps a long weekend up north, but I'm pretty sure that's all. For years.

Samara suspicious of Uncle Jeff in the sukkah

Elie with Nancy in Boston

Savta was super helpful in Boston

Samara and Sadie

We met Jerry and Makenzie in Delaware for a quick hello

Samara meets her cousin, Andrew for the first time

Samara, Bubbie and Aunt Pearl in Virginia

Samara and Max, super heros!

Ice cream with Max and Stella

"Mom, take a picture of me like this" (in the airport)

Visiting Uncle Dan's music shop in Menlo Park

Elie enjoys the lunch at Google, and we enjoy Dheeraj!

Group shot at Google with the Lollipop which was announced that morning

Uncle Dan wins the award for best uncle of the week

Tall redwoods!

Tall when they're lying horizontal too!

Visiting David at Apple

Reviewing safety procedures on the plane