Monday, June 2, 2014


I bought a car when I was a moving to Washington, D.C., sold it (to my mom) a year later when I went to Israel, and I haven't had a car since. We drive when we visit America, Australia and New Zealand. Given that...driving around for the past two months has been an interesting experience.

First of all, it is unbelievably risky, and I'm not sure I would recognize that if i did it all the time. In Singapore the most risky thing we do is cross a not-so-busy street to get to the mall. Driving, I am putting my life and my kids's lives at risk, and totally trusting hundreds of strangers per day. Normal to those living the suburban life, but terrifying to me. Perhaps it's having my brother die at a young age, or going through a super scary birth, but life is so delicate, and driving 70 miles per hour with two kids in the car is dangerous!!

Second if all, it is so convenient. I LOVE keeping a stroller, sweatshirts, water, snacks, a car!! They're with me wherever I go. And I don't have to carry them! Miracle!!

I also love that they take you wherever you go, when you want to go. And they're always waiting for you when you're ready to go home.

I have also found some if the he conversations Sam and I are having to be priceless. There aren't the same opportunities while pushing a stroller, on a train or even in a taxi with a driver (samples below).

We have driven to Chicago, Toronto, and school everyday - as well as loads of other places, and even though when I think about it I find it terrifying, I am loving it. It makes life so easy.

Snippets from Friday in the car with Samara:

"Mommy, what does that truck say?"
"Something Beef" (I forgot the name of the company, now)
"What's beef?"
"Well, sometimes people eat beef, which is cow"
"Cow? How can people eat cows?"
"Well, we kill the cow, and the body becomes beef. Beef then becomes hamburgers and things like that"
"People KILL cows???"
"Yes. But they're killed in a way where it doesn't hurt the cow. Some cows are raised for milk, some to make babies and some to eat."
TEARS "I don't want cows to DIE!!!"
Wow - explaining eating meat to a three year old does make it seem pretty awful. Doesn't really jive with the "be nice to animals, visit the farm, etc" messages we give her otherwise...

"Mommy I'm four and a half"
"You're three and a half"
"No. I'm four and a half. And tomorrow I will be just four"

"How old are you?"
"Wow. That's old!! How old is daddy?"
"That's really old!! How old is Savta?"
"Wow! That's even older!! How old is papa?"
"He's young"