Thursday, September 4, 2008

Careers Day

Remember when you have Career Day in high school? I wonder why they add an "s" in business school? Maybe it's a "translation" thing?

Anyways - we had our CareerS Day at INSEAD yesterday. It was an entire day devoted to self reflection - using lots of neat/not so neat tools, and quite a bit of internal pondering.

I am really trying to break out of the non-profit thing - maybe do some sort of social impact job in the corporate world - but all of my tests told me I either want to be a therapist or work in a non-profit. Poo! How are we supposed to have career switches if we only know what we know? I have devoted time now to learning what is SIMILAR to non-profit...but might put me in a more professional environment and maybe even making more of an impact.

The honest truth is that at this point I'm glad to have broken out of the Jewish non-profit least for now.

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