Monday, July 30, 2007

Three Little Monkeys

Yesterday Matt and I went for a great walk in East Coast Park - out on the Bedok Jetty (which we would call a pier). Then we went up the park and ended up in Siglap, the area of shops and restaurants near our house. Matt got his hair cut at the barber that is pictured here. :)

BTW, did you see the story in the Sunday Times about emoticons? I'm totally into them.

Anyways, back to our exciting life...Today Matt took a day to hang out with his beautiful wife before her life totally changes and she starts working on Wednesday. We made sure to sleep past the bug guy and made it out of the house at the crack of 12:30. We took the MRT to Braddell, which is farther than I have traveled on the red line in the past (very exciting).

We found some Indian Muslim food. That's really what it's called. And then we got in a cab to go to Mc Ritchie Reservoir Park. This was the first thing in Singapore that has not be super well marked and signed, but we found our way. It's basically a big lake (unclear as of yet if it's natural), and there are great paths and beautiful trees and wildlife around it. Other than Bukit Timah this is the first natural beauty I have seen here. Both Matt and I enjoyed it much more than Bukit Timah. We approached the start of the trail, and we saw a guy sitting on a bench, and he was surrounded by monkeys. That was very much just the beginning. Matt and I estimate that we saw between 30 and 50 monkeys. We saw amazing little slithering things called skinks (not to be confused with skanks). We saw at least 20 turtles and a whole lot of huge lizards. We ended up doing 10 km, and it took us about 2.5 hours. Other than the minor fear I had in the middle as the thunder erupted over and over again, it was so beautiful and way fun. There's also a treetop walk that we'll do sometime, but apparently it's closed on Mondays.

I am posting some pictures, but please click here for the rest.

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