Monday, July 2, 2007

Rosemary, George, and Maria

Matt works long hours (have I mentioned that?).

I don't know so many people in Singapore.

I mostly am by myself all day. I might venture out of the house each day (which I definitely need to do for sanity), but I do almost everything alone.

That is...until I met Rosemary. Rosemary was one of my first acquaintances I had in Singapore. She lets me know which stop we're at on the MRT and which stop is coming up. She even warns me when the doors are closing. Rosemary has taught me to pronounce difficult areas of town, and I especially like how she says "Paya Lebar" which is a stop about four away from ours on the MRT. Our conversations are admittedly one sided, but it's okay. I enjoy her voice, and I thank her for accompanying me nearly each day.

Second, I have George. Since I have decided to apply to business school (which I essentially decided sometime this past winter - remember that? When it was COLD outside??), George has been a good friend of mine. He often makes my back ache, because he likes to be carried inside my bag, and he's not so small, but he's another daily companion for me here in Singapore. George has given me lots of information about the GMAT and even test problems. Again, I don't have much to contribute to him, but I try to at least answer the questions correctly. George is so patient with me, though, if I get it wrong - explaining each step. I think my friendship with George might be ending, however, as I am nearing his end - I have finished bin four for the math, and I am just about there with the verbal.

My final companion is more silent. She lives in the maid's quarters off of our kitchen (no joke -we really have them, and I believe they're more of a storage room), and she's from the Philippines. She mops our floors, properly disposes of the bugs that I kill and then throw on the floor, does our laundry and all else helpful and clean.

Okay - none of these people exist, and I'm a bit embarrassed to be sharing them with you, but they definitely make my life a little less lonely.

And, nearly everyone in our complex and in Singapore (I swear!) seems to have a maid from the Philippines, so I'm not just being racist.


Jeremy and Terese said...

Hey, i have another friend of yours, his name is "Scarf you left at the Dive 75." I'm going to give it to your mom at Camp. Speaking of Camp, you can get a flight for $1300 to get to Detroit with the only catch being the duration of the flight is 39 Hours with 3 stops! Whew, it might be easy and cheap to get to Thailand but coming home is definitely not so cheap or easy. -J

Harry said...

Although its probably even more unhealthy than your imaginary phillipinian (ok, I have no idea how to spell that) maid, I've been finding some cool online lectures and documentaries. My new favorite is iTunesU, where there are loads of lectures and courses from Universities from across the US (I hope you can access it from Singapore). There are lectures in all sorts of topics, including business school courses (I saw more than 30 lectures from Stanford). Once you get tired of George, maybe these new imaginary friends can take his place.
I'll save my online source of hot maids from the Philippines for you if you get desperate.