Saturday, July 28, 2007


After playing tennis (I won 6-2, 4-2, and then we had to stop, because our hour was up) this morning, and then making yummy omelettes, our landlords came over. It was hilarious.

They are a super nice couple. They used to live in this apartment, but it seems as though she didn't like how far she had to walk to get places - Singaporeans hate walking - so they moved a few minutes away. She had so much energy and was giving me tons of advice.

She told me to relax about how some of the furniture isn't in perfect condition. They won't charge us for it.

She told me to go to the air con at the club house to read the newpaper or a book (then I don't have to waste my own air con). This reminded me a lot of my grandparents and their place in Florida.

She told me about some of the churches in the area, and she had literally never heard of a Jew. She could not comprehend stopping at the end of the Old Testament. Not believing in Jesus?? WHAT??!!

She told me about renting the multi-purpose room at the clubhouse for our parties. I don't think we know more than ten people in Singapore. I'm pretty sure they can fit in our apartment.

She invited us over for dinner, and her husband invited us out for seafood at the beach.

They were hilarious.

It's raining for the fifth day in a row (at least). I love rain here. Yay.

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