Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I believe I have mentioned my econ prof here before. He was an excellent guy from Ohio who now lives in Hawaii and teaches at a university there. He is a visiting prof at INSEAD, and he taught here six months ago as well. He taught us micro (Prices and Markets).

This man will remain nameless here so he doesn't get in trouble for anything. He is simply outstanding. He taught us in ways that make econ super interesting, and he was just hilarious. His humor was smart and educated and witty. It was definitely my favorite class, and I would guess that I'm not alone with this opinion. The classes were just fun - how could you not love learning about cotton subsidies, steel tariffs, Heinz and Hunts pricing, etc.?

The last class of P1 (first period) was last Friday. Our excellent social reps arranged for us all to have t-shirts with this prof's face on the front and "awesome" written on the back. They also arranged for the air con to go off (or almost off) towards the end of class. It got really hot. The prof started to call the tech people to turn up the air con, but we stopped him. Finally, one of my classmates said, "It's really hot in here. Do you mind if we take off our shirts?" People were prepared with bikinis, sun glasses, beach balls, etc. Another social rep showed up with bottles of beer. The prof said, "well, it is hot in here." His shirt came off too. The only problem was...he wasn't done teaching. He still had fifteen minutes of wrap up. So...the class sat there shirtless (I forgot my bathing suit, and I'm not sure I would sit there in a bikini if I did remember...but that's my thing), and he taught topless for the rest of class. Oh, and there was a lot of beer.

Finally the other section stormed the classroom with a boom box and a lot more beer, and there was a small chaotic gathering in an amphitheater.

Pictures are before, during and during. Please note that people are actually paying attention, taking notes (and drinking beer) with no shirts. Thanks to Guillaume for the photos. I sit right up where the prof is, the second person in the front row, but you can't see me in these pictures.

INSEAD does seem to be a bit of a party school (which is also not exactly my thing), but it is NOT usually like this. I swear. It's serious. It's MBA, man.

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