Thursday, October 2, 2008


School now is so different than it was when I was in undergrad and even grad school the first time. The big difference is notebooks/powerpoint. It's amazing now - way better. You don't have to take notes. You get a copy of the notes at each class - and you just write down your extra notes. It's pretty amazing. I feel bad about the serious amount of paper, but other than that - it's definitely the way to go.

It probably makes profs work much harder...but I can handle that.


Jillian said...

I've found that you end up paying way more attention when you aren't scrambling to get every word down. Hope the finance exam went well!

Jeremy said...

Is this "then vs. now" or "social work vs. business school"? :)

Matt and Melanie Hildebrandt said...

DEFINITELY then vs now. I will confirm, but i'm sure social work uses it now.
thanks for the insult. :)