Monday, October 6, 2008

Diving - a bit more

So...there isn't much else to write about diving, since it was essentially the same as our other dive trips, but the dives were better, it was more fun to go with people we knew, and we had a better time - oh, and I didn't get sun burned (I'm pretty sure this is the first time).

Just one more comment on diving - if you watch the turtle video, and you listen REALLY well, you can hear me saying "turtle turtle" THROUGH my regulator, through the camera's crazy underwater case - ALL UNDERWATER! I was pumped to hear that.

In other news, this weekend was Kirsten's wedding, which was really hard to not be at. It's been a rough year missing all of the weddings and babies, and this was one of the rougher ones. When I met Kirsten in first grade, I didn't know we would be friends 25 years later. In fifth grade, Kirsten told me, "Melanie, if you don't like yourself, no one is going to like you." She read me better than anyone - at age ten! Once we went through high school and were finally in the same city when she was in dental school and I was in social work school, I did not think I would ever not be at her wedding. Especially since during those year she was convinced she would have a macabre wedding - with candelabras, black wedding dresses and other scary things. I wasn't there, but I don't think that's what it was like this past weekend.

CONGRATULATIONS, KIRSTEN! All the best to you and Chad.

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