Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shake It

I'm a little nervous to post above my Lambchop posting and my Signs posting. They are my two favorite postings yet. If you read this, please scroll down and read those too. They're way better.

Picture it: a 70 yearish old Chinese man. He's dressed in a wife beater and short shorts. He is standing on a children's playground with his feel shoulder length apart. Knees are bent. Back is straight, and arms are out in front of him. His pelvis is moving in circles. Serious circles. It looks a little like some sort of sex thing, but it's not.

I see this man doing this everyday as I'm walking into my office.

In addition, today there was another dead person set up outside of our office. This time it was a man.

Last night I had dinner with the President of the Reform Jewish community here (and her mother), and she was wonderful. Good news that there ARE nice Jews in Singapore.

A small Splinter update - she has been hanging out in our house every night, and she even comes in in the mornings. It's getting difficult now, though, because she is interested in staying in the house when I leave. So in the morning, when she knows I'm about to leave, she hides under the bed. She also has a hiding place IN a reclining chair in our living room. The back has a velcro flap, and somehow she gets IN it, and she doesn't come out unless I really shake the chair hard (and it's heavy and hard to do!). This is a stubborn cat, but she's really so cute.

She might be mad at me, though, because tonight when I came home, she didn't follow me home. I only got a "meow," and then she went back to sleep (on an air conditioner).

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Ruthie said...

Dare you to bring the lambchop to the old man at the playground as an offering:)