Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bus Stops

The bus stops in Singapore are so much smarter than they are in New York. They don't think or talk or anything, but they're just designed better. In New York, you sit on the bench and end up facing the middle of the road. If you're waiting for a bus, you have to turn your head to the left, and if you wait for a while, you might hurt yourself. In Singapore, the bus stops have a few rows of seats that are all on an angle. When you sit down, you're automatically facing where the bus is coming from (right over here, not left), and there is no risk of injury.

Other than thinking inconsequential thoughts about bus stops, not much is going on with us. I have been working and learning, and Matt has been working and writing. I have meetings each night this week (other than Mandarin on Monday), so I don't have too much to write about.

One disappointment is that we saw an ad for the NEW season of Grey's Anatomy. Unfortunately, it is on right now, and it's last year's new season, and I have already watched them all. Sad for me, but it's okay for Matt, because he ended up missing a bunch last year.

We're also working on planning some trips. My parents are coming in one month's time. We are looking into going to Cambodia for a long weekend. My brother and Josh are coming in Dec/Jan, and we're looking into Thailand and maybe other trips also. Exciting stuff.

Also, the cat is cute. She's like Jelly - a velcro cat, When I go to the kitchen, so does she. Then she meows for attention, but then she'll just fall asleep on her rug. Her rug is in the middle of the house. We don't know where she is tonight.


Anna said...

"If you're waiting for a bus, you have to turn your head to the left, and if you wait for a while, you might hurt yourself."

I agree that having seats on an angle is very clever, but what? Maybe I'm just more talented than you, but I have never hurt myself waiting for a bus...

Ruthie said...

It's REALLY clever. You know what would be more clever? Angled seats surrounding a table with Settlers set up on it ... play while you wait! =)

Ruthie said...

PS - I recently had to answer a survey about something and it asked if I ever left comments on blogs. I was so excited to get to say yes!

Matt and Melanie Hildebrandt said...

I do enjoy your comments, but unfortunately I have to say that Settlers is impossible. Someone would have to have their back to the coming bus, and when he TURNED HIS NECK TOO FAR (Anna!), he would be strained and hurt. Settlers while waiting for a bus is dangerous.