Sunday, August 12, 2007

The King and I (and Matt)

We just returned from seeing "The King and I." It was playing at Esplanade - the durian, porcupine looking buildings on Marina Bay (where the NDP was). We had weird-o seats. We were in a "box" (or a stall, as they call it here), on the ground floor to the far left of the stage. For cheap-ish tickets, they were pretty good! Matt and I both knew very little about the show, so it was all very entertaining. The story was particularly entertaining and applicable here - the east meets west stuff anyway. The stars of the show were excellent, and we enjoyed it a lot.

I cut up my second huge watermelon today. It went up from $2 (sing) to $2.30. I think it's China that's screwing us. Matt said this would happen...

Some name updates on the FIVE babies that were born in the last few weeks:
Abi and Abe: Nina Bracha
Eve and Gabe: Rafael Selah
Christen and Brian: Amelia Rae
Rachel and Ben: Tovah Libi (who is healthy and home after a couple of rough weeks)
Dafna and Adam: Aviv

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