Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Office La

Once I heard how Singaporeans talked, it quickly became one of my goals to learn to imitate them. I am definitely not talking about making fun of them - I absolutely love how they talk. They add "la" onto one in every eight or so words. They have great tones that they throw in, and really, I just want to be able to do it!

I haven't blogged about my work. This is mostly because it's been a rough start, and I'm not interested in complaining or making the organization look bad. One super positive thing I can say is that I get to sit and listen to Singaporeans talk all day. I think I will accomplish my goal. I can't wait. I will do an impression for anyone in need.

Matt and I just played tennis. He was up 3-0, and then 4-1, but I won 6-4. I rule. I know.

Also, I think Splinter is prego. She's getting quite a tummy, but Matt thinks she's too young to get pregnant. I wonder how old you have to be (if you're a cat) before you can get pregs. I am in the middle of googling it, but for some reason our internet is slow. I think that her babies would be the cutest thing in the world (almost as cute as her). She does have a dude that tries to hang out around our apartment also, but I am not interested. Maybe he's her pimp.

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sarah said...

I'm sorry work's not going so well. I'm also sorry to say that cats can get knocked up quite young; my adoptive family in Israel let their cat get pregnant at 6 months. It was awful--she went from a sweet white kitten to a haggard dingy cat. Teen motherhood at its worst. Ok, maybe Britney Spears is the worst.