Monday, May 25, 2009

Class Today

Two funny things. My strategy prof has a rule that if your hand phone rings, he gets to use it to call his mom. In India. Right then. Arnon's phone rang, and he did try to call her, but she wasn't there. He said she must have gone out to get some vegetables. Lucky Arnon.

"You're competing against Smirnoff? you're a piece of shit. Let me give you something to compete against." This is a direct quote from my pricing prof when he was explaining Smirnoff's reaction to someone invading their turf. They ended up raising the price of Smirnoff and introducing a cheaper brand to compete against the new entrant. I just thought the quote was funny.

I hate the heat in Singapore. This morning I sweat through my shirt and my pants. That's just totally nasty. And I wanted to wear the same suit (and top) tomorrow. Oops.

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