Friday, May 29, 2009


So we all go to business school to get employed afterwards. We're all looking for more responsibilities, higher salary, bigger companies...

I came to business school because Matt made me. I mean, I came to business school to get the business perspective and learn the basics. I have always had the intention to ultimately return to the non-profit world, and I wanted to do it well. I have had multiple (wonderful) bosses who had excellent vision, but they had no idea how to implement. I wanted to get the tools, the contacts, get a corporate job, get that private sector experience, and finally, I wanted to move back to the non-profit sector as a super successful non-profit executive director. This was even in my entrance essay for INSEAD. I swear. It's not even just a story.

Well, as you can imagine, since I only have four more weeks, I'm starting to explore options for after graduation. I do have a verbal offer for a position that I definitely want, but I will not share or get excited until I have the written offer. I am looking at opportunities in the social/non-profit/international sphere in Singapore as well as anything that comes up in CSR, diversity, or something that does good within companies.

It's definitely the talk around town at school - what's after graduation? The 2009 situation is that most of us just don't know yet, and we might not know for a while.

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