Sunday, January 11, 2009


Apparently text messages are going around that say that Starbucks supports Israel in the current conflict with Gaza. The text messages are asking people to boycott Starbucks. I went today (not knowing any of this and happy to go if they are supporting Israel anyway) to study, and it was EMPTY! Usually the Starbucks by our house is PACKED on Sundays - outside and inside - I can never find a seat, and I usually feel bad sitting and studying for hours. Today nearly the entire place was empty the entire four hours I was there.

In other news I had a nice birthday celebration with our wonderful friends here. Unfortunately it was the same night as a big INSEAD party, so only one friend from INSEAD came, but most of the other people I love were able to come, and it was really nice.

Also, Tali and Alon showed me this German bakery by our house, and I tried their pretzel today. It was good. Oh, and I finally ate at a wonderful Thai restaurant that I have been dying to try. It was so yummy. So spicy. Yum.

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