Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Curry, Water, Plants, Grandma and other random topics

I went for curry to an Indian place with a couple of friends tonight. One is a strict vegetarian. She asked if they have vegetarian dishes. The guy said, "no. This is a curry restaurant. We serve curry. Curry means meat." My friend asked, "in what language?" He responded, "Tamil."

Many restaurants in Singapore now make you pay for water, and instead of giving you tap water, even though Singapore's water is super clean and wonderful, they give you bottled water. While places like San Fran are outlawing bottled water, because when you have drinkable taps, it is ridiculous...places like Singapore are requiring it. I hate it.

I think I am already killing our plants. They are starting to not look so healthy. I really don't know how to keep plants alive. I have killed so many. I do EXACTLY what they tell me! I wish they could talk. I'm going to be a terrible mother.

Matt's grandma is not doing well. While his parents were on their way back from Singapore she got in a car accident, and along with a broken collar bone, she is having pretty serious dementia issues. I hope she gets well soon.

The cat brought in a frog again last night. And Matt wasn't even here to help.

Our neighbor Victoria told me that her grandma killed their cat by putting on the washing machine while the cat happened to be inside. I started the laundry, and I heard a sound that sounded like a cat, so I stopped the machine and looked through all of the pieces, and there was no cat. It's just squeaky, and I'm just paranoid.

At my wedding, Dena came from a long trip in S. America, and she told me she met the guy that she was going to marry. Only Dena would travel across the world to find this guy, but sure enough, she did, and she moved a Peruvian man to Israel to be with her, and last night they got engaged. I haven't yet met Juan, but I have heard the most wonderful things about him, and I know he has to be so special and wonderful to be the one chosen by Dena. MAZAL TOV!!!

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