Saturday, January 3, 2009

From 7.5 to 3.5

Hildebrandts that is (including Kitty and Mustache Man - he counts as a half, since he's not REALLY a Hildebrandt, but we love him). A mere five hours ago we had so many Hildebrandts in our house, there was barely space, and now they're on their way to Korea...then LA...then Detroit.

We had a really nice visit. Yesterday we went to two exhibits at the National Museum (and the museum happened to be FREE yesterday!). The first exhibit was a photographer - Chang Chien-Chi, and it had three parts that were all "doubleness." The first was documenting Taiwanese men going to Vietnam to get brides. The second was of this hospital for mentally ill patients in China, and two patients are chained together FOR LIFE, and the less crazy one leads the other - FOREVER. The third was showing the life of men who have left their families in China to go to NYC - mostly Chinatown. It shows the life of the women and children they leave behind and the life of the men in NY. The second exhibit was "portraits" by Robert Wilson - which was basically video portraits of mostly famous people, and some had music too. They were awesome. My favorite was a dog panting with the best music that fit it perfectly.

We have also eaten a lot of good food including (but not limited to) roti prata and peanut pancake for breakfast today, Chat Masala (Indian) for dinner, Vietnamese on new years, satay and other hawker stall food at the food stalls on the beach at east coast park, Mediterranean for our special birthday dinner (celebrating all birthdays including two 60s, a 30 and a 25! - all in one family!!). LOTS of good food.

In other news - it is Kenny's yartzheit right now, but I'm not sure what to write about it, since nothing seems to be changing from year to year and birthday to birthday...but at least I'll acknowledge it. I was going to go to shul in the morning, but it's an hour each way, and I really hate the shul I will go to the market instead. I think Kenny would appreciate noodles and fruit more than god. Just a guess...

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