Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Butler Scammed me out of $57!!

We went to see a horrible play today. I feel guilty publishing the name of the play, because in such an economic downturn, no one needs to loser their jobs, but honestly, I can't believe we paid $57...EACH!

The play was filled with childish humor, sex jokes, a lot of making fun of homosexuality, silly running around (even with one of those whistles that goes up at the end of the tune - like in the silly movies), and stupid characters.

I counted two rows of 28 lights on the ceiling (I used to count the lights at Shaarey Zedek when I was bored at services). I thought about the work I should be doing. I thought about what kind of job I want after school. I thought about our trip to the Philippines. Good, relaxed think time, but a really bad play with a bad story, bad acting, and just horrible jokes.

Other than the play, our weekend has been really relaxing. Friday night I went to dinner with a few INSEAD people and we went to see Changeling. I thought the story was really interesting, but I got sick of staring at Angeline Jolie's lips and crying face for at least 80% of the movie. Just sitting there, crying, with big (nice) lips. Saturday I went to the market for the first time in weeks, we cleaned the house, and I went to a shower for our friend Gal who is having a baby in a month. The shower was super sweet and fun. Then board games at Jeff and Tenley's. We stayed away from Settlers - with one game of Puerto Rico (Jeff won, but I came in a close second), and then J & T beat us in Euchre their first time playing. Poor showing by the Hildebrandts.

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Harry said...

Check out Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long to wash out the lousy theater taste. It will be far more original & funny, plus its online for free for a few more days.