Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Coaster

One might think that I'm talking about someone who does no work in B School and just coasts by. I'm not. I'm talking about a coaster. Like a drink coaster.

These two kitties who are staying with us are funny. They got a coaster from our table. A blue IKEA coaster, and they became obsessed with it. Both of the kitties agree that it's the most important think in the world. I saw that they were both entranced with the coaster on one of their beds when I went in before. I got scared that they would eat and in do weird things (there has been a lot of poop on the floor lately...), so I reached in to take it out of their room, and they started screaming. The watched angrily and meowed as I took it off their bed. I thought maybe I was reading them wrong, so I put it back just to check, and they immediately started playing with it again, and when I tried to remove it again I had the same reaction. Weird. So I put it on the top of the bench in our "dining room."

I got home tonight and opened their bedroom door to let them out, and they bolted straight for the coaster. Seiku picked it up in his mouth and took it into their bedroom. When I went to see what he did with it, Cyrus was playing with it on the floor. I decided to just leave it...until one minute ago when I went to see what they're doing with it to update this posting, and it was in their food dish. While I was in there photographing the coaster in the food dish, I heard balancing on the chair at the dining room table. When I came out, I saw that Cyrus was gaining a new supply of toys by grabbing a new coaster off the dining room table! I put it back, pushed him off, but I couldn't get him away. Check out the video of him trying to get more coasters. They love coasters!

But...when I went back to check their room, I saw another poop on the floor - same spot - in the corner of the room. Any ideas of why the cat might not poop in his litter box? I do NOT like cleaning it up from the floor on a daily basis. Grody. That's why there are toilets, duh.

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