Monday, December 15, 2008

Update: Why Finance is way Harder than Gemara

It's confirmed.
The exam was way harder than anything I have ever done in Gemara.
Done deal.
Finance is way harder.
My brain hurts.
Only one more!


vantan said...

Thanks for making me feel a little better.

Truly, that was a terrible exam.

Anna said...

But do sometimes certain letters just fall off or morph into other letters, because I know you really hate when that happens!

Anyway, good luck with the last exam!

Jillian said...

the end is near, my friend.

Matt and Melanie Hildebrandt said...

Vantan-it was horrible (as was MA and POM).
Anna- it's way worse than letters falling off and morphing. WAY worse.
Jill- the end is here, and i can't wait to talk!!!