Sunday, December 7, 2008


Since Mustache Man has come back to Casafina, he has spent a lot of time with us. He sleeps on our porch (in funny positions), and he comes to say hi at night. He is especially interested in checking out what our house looks like inside. When he comes in, for some reason he immediately runs and jumps onto the bookshelf among all of my b school course packs. Not sure what the draw is...

Yesterday Matt gave him flea treatment so he can come in and hang. Last night he slept with Matt on the couch for a few hours. Kitty doesn't love it, but she seems to be getting used to it a bit. Before she would pounce on him, and now she just sort of watches suspiciously. In fact when he was on the couch, she jumped up to see what was going on, and she was staring at him, and he just got up, shifted so his face was in the other direction and went back to sleep. It's pretty funny. I still think that he's her dad, and he knows it, but she doesn't.

Anyway - if he adopts us, we will take him, and it looks like he's on the way.

In other news in Casafina, I was doing some finance on the porch yesterday, and a very cute Jelly looking dog came by. Apparently the dog was abandoned, and he showed up at Casafina, and the management asked this family if they want him. They took him and they love him, but apparently they do NOT know how to care for dogs. They were asking why I liked cats, and I tried to explain that I didn't really like cats, I just like these two cats, but I really want a dog or two. I told her that I didn't feel like we could have a dog, because we go to work all day, and we wouldn't be able to let him out. When we have kids we will have dogs. She then got a worried look on her face, and she asked if it's okay that she only lets her dog out once per day - at 8pm each night. I told her that it is NOT okay to do that. I asked if she could let the dog out in the morning, and she said she is always late, and she doesn't have time. Maybe she shouldn't have a dog, then. Oy. Then our super neighbor Victoria offered to take him out when she gets home from school, but it's still 8pm until 4pm. So unfair for this poor dog's bladder!

Not much else going on over here. I have finals starting on Thursday, so I'm trying to learn what went on in classes this period. Yesterday I had a date with Starbucks for six hours focusing on managerial accounting and finance. Today I will revisit finance and have a chat with some operations.

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