Monday, December 8, 2008


Last week I went to the Singapore Port. I learned that it deals with 27 million cartons (those big 20 foot ones) per year. It's the busiest port in the world (though I have heard that argument elsewhere). It is a logistical nightmare...I mean challenge. It was really cool.

I also realized that the back of trucks are sometimes actually made out of shipping containers. That's cool.

Two weeks ago my club (really Robert and Miguel) organized a trip to Singapore's Newater Plant - it's where they make clean water from piss. Yup. They take toilet water and what not, and they clean it through reverse osmosis and uv rays and other things, and then it is even cleaner than normally cleaned water. Apparently Singapore has four sources for water. 1- Malaysia 2- desalination (which is super expensive) 3-capturing rain water 4- Newater. Apparently people have an issue with drinking their old piss, so this water doesn't actually go to homes, but industries use it, and some of it gets cleaned AGAIN to go to people's homes. Pretty cool.

I got a seal at PSA, and I gave it to the kitty. Please enjoy her meeting the seal. She has spent many a minute since then throwing it around the house and throwing it. Literally. I think this is how she loves it.

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