Monday, June 25, 2007


Nothing too exciting to write on this day. Pretty crazy that last year today was our wedding. So much has happened in this one year, and somehow we ended up in Singapore. If you would have told me last June 25th that we would be in Singapore this year, I would have laughed. Matt would have cheered.

Today I visited INSEAD. It is one of the top business schools in the world. Matt's friend from SAIS, Veena goes there. She was nice enough to meet me, eat with me, talk to me about the experience and the school and then give me a tour. I totally loved it. I love the doors that the school opens. All MBA programs open lots of doors, but INSEAD opens global doors. Most of their graduates go to countries where they did not grow up. They're trained professionals all over the world, and they're super highly recruited. INSEAD only has about 22% female, so if I can sell myself as a woman (which I can be pretty convincing in that area...), as a person who comes from a non-profit background, and as an American, they might take me for diversity's sake. That's going to be my plan.

Now, I just need to figure out what to do with the next year...


sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for sharing an anniversary with my parents--much easier to remember. I'm back from Israel, Jordan, and 24 hours in London. I'm tired, but I've read your blog, and now know everything about your life--right?

Christen said...

Hi Melanie! Matt just forwarded the link to this blog, and it is great. So much fun to read about your adventures so far. Not so sure about the food you've described so far...Indian anyone? :)

Happy Anniversary to both of you, by the way!

Good luck with your job search and keep the blog-posts coming!