Saturday, June 23, 2007

Chili Crabs and Kick-my-ass-boxing

Matt and I went out last night for our first chili crab. Not that Matt even tried it, but still. There are a whole bunch of sea food restaurants on the beach by our house at a place called Seafood Centre. We went to the original one - Jumbo. It was eh. I don't think we'll be going out for chili crab again, though it was a bit of fun. We went with a bunch of Matt's friends from SAIS - Christian, Vi, Vi's sister, Marius, Boon Yian and Marius's friend Marcelle (sp?). We ordered four crabs in the end - we had three small ones and one HUGE one. One was black pepper, one was some other kind of saucy red one, and one was ginger. The big one was black pepper. The truth is that it's a lot of work, and it's just not that rewarding. To pick out one square centimeter of meat for five minutes is a waste of time. Now I have tried lobster (Maine last year), shrimp and crab, and I think I'm done with seafood (except for shrimp - they're tasty and not a lot of work - unless you're cooking them! please reference my prawns post). Matt just isn't interested at all, and he says he doesn't like it. We also ate deep friend bread (I think it's called boon), and some rice. Overall it was super expensive and not so worth it, but I'm glad we did it, and the company was super fun. The beer was also tasty. I think that Tiger is an acquired taste, and I'm acquiring it and Matt doesn't really care about good beer.

We also went out to a pub/club in Clark Quay, which seems to be the going-out area. It was surprisingly lots of fun. I'm not a big dancer, and Matt and I don't go OUT so often, but we even danced. Again - the people were quite an integral part of our experience. :)

This morning we had our last "cultural" session about life in Singapore. At nine am Keith came over to our house and taught us the history of Singapore and a bit more about life here. It was helpful and enjoyable.

I then left Matt to go to the Bedok Community Centre - about a 15 - 20 minute walk - for my first kick-boxing class. It seriously kicked my ass. I have never taken any sort of aerobics or dance (since I was little) so the coordination was hard and took my full concentration, and the muscle stuff was SOOOO hard!!! My walk home was at least five more minutes since I had no energy at all! The class was all youngish Chinese ladies - a few older than me, but mostly younger, and one Indian male and me. Pretty funny.

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Harry said...

Happy Anniversary! I was thinking about your wedding today as I was on a date in the Botanical gardens. There was a wedding going on, which was very pretty and all, but didn't look half as much fun as yours. It is amazing what's happened over the past year. Enjoy!
Also, I like this group of friends - taking you out for crabs and then getting you two to dance. My kind of folk.