Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The First of Many Unexciting Days

Though I will still be sure to do one fun/adventurous thing per day, the excitement will slowly wane...I have begun my job hunt. Though I thought I would be okay to relax for a few weeks and start looking in July, I did wake up on Monday morning and freak out that I had an entire week and no job. Thus the hung begins...

In other unexciting news, Matt and I went to the bank today, just to add me to the account, and it took an entire hour. In Singapore, the capital of efficiency, it took over a half hour just to put in the new information, and then obviously the wait just to see a bank specialist...

We did check out a dive shop here, and I believe I will get SCUBA certified in the next couple of weeks.

Unfortunately I had to go back to Mustafa Centre - the crazy store with everything in Little India. Our alarm clock we bought worked for exactly 24 hours. Luckily when I brought it back, even the sample they had on display didn't work, so I got a new one - this time a Sony.

If anyone has any job leads, let me know!!

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Smiling said...

Really hope you get SCUBA certified - it is awesome to go diving!

- J-dogg