Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fitting Right Back In

I can just sort of walk back into my life on the Upper West Side...two years later.

Many store fronts are for rent, many of my good friends have left (Liba, Becca...), my husband is in Singapore, and other things have changed, but mostly it's the same. I absolutely love New York City, and I absolutely love my and Matt's life that we had when we were here.

Since I arrived on Thursday night, I have run around like crazy -
  • breakfast with Ellen (who just got married, mazal tov!)
  • lunch with Leslie (who is due in two months, b'sha'ah tova!)
  • interview for internship (which was super exciting, and I would love it!)
  • dinner with Whitney and James (who just had a baby, mazal tov!)
  • breakfast with Erin (who is graduating rabbinical school and just got engaged, mazal tov!)
  • walked in Central Park for hours with Liz and Michael (who haven't lost their jobs, yeah!)
  • ran into Jimmy whom I took to Temagami in 1997 (kind of feel weird that I looked the same enough for him to recognize me...)
  • hung with Jeremy and Terese (who are going to have a baby this week, b'sha'a tova!)
  • dined with Flyer and Ari (whom it was great to catch up with!)
  • met Diana, Eli and a bunch of INSEAD folk at a bar (which had good beer, good atmosphere, and obnoxious service)
  • will have breakfast with Ruthie, and hopefully see Jon and David.

Could it get any better?
I have basically walked all over this city (or at least the UWS and Central Park), and I just love it here. I love the feeling in the city, I love the accessibility of everything. I love the people (my friends and the general "people") here. I love the food. I love the energy. I just love it. I know that when I'm in Singapore I'm fine there, and I like the life we have created, but being back in the city makes me want to move back here. Immediately. Not gonna happen that soon...


Dena said...

OK now I'm jealous. The jungles of Thailand are one thing but now you're in Central Park with Eli??? Jealous!!! Enjoy sweets xoxo

Matt and Melanie Hildebrandt said...

I wish you were there!!!