Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Recent Photos

Tooth #1 falls

A few days later came #2!!

Thanks for the tunnel, Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Kendal

Going for a beautiful walk with Ian and Reia

One of our last porch sits at 31 Miller Rd

Elisheva came to visit!

Two Intraters came to say hi!

How cute is this sleeping Koby?

Shadows on a walk to the lake

Sam tried Kindergarten soccer

This was our breakfast set up everyday at 31 Miller Rd. Talking to grandparents on the ipad most mornings

Last day of school - last day at Temple Shalom for Samara

Goofball walking to the lake

Jer came to visit and help us move in! (and so did Bubbie and Zaydie!)

This is about a one minute walk from our house.

We love our hammock!

Ok, I wasn't really sleeping.

Best. Cream. Cheese. Mustache. Ever.

Flying from Boston to Detroit

Picnic with the Dronfields at Kensington

Finally - riding a horse at Michigania

Ringing the lunch bell - SUPER fun - except for for the poor boy in the back who felt left out

Walloon wasn't even that cold this year

A week with Wachters!!! SO FUN

Thanks for the boat ride, Jer!

...and skipper Elie

Elie climbed the dunes with Papa and Jer

And drove the boat - a highlight (for him - not the rest of us. We were nauseous)

Reviewing this, I just made it my Facebook profile picture. Too cute.

And Elie rode a horse too!

Meals were not my favorite part of camp.

Koby was SO DIRTY everyday. He loved crawling all around everywhere


Waiting for the unicorn

With the best counselor at camp - our cousin, Eric

See you next year, Michigania!

Sam tried archery

This is the field across from our house. We are so lucky. I can't believe it. Neither can Koby!

Matt and I went to the Tigers game! I mean, the Red Sox game

In Michigan, canoeing with some London/Kanners!

Mark took me and Sam tubing. So fun!

Papa and Savta came to visit in Boston! Also opposite our house

We went for a beautiful walk in the same place as we did with Ian and Reia and Jer (all above) - Broadmoor

And the aquarium. Koby was about to jump right in with the lion fish. No, Koby!! Don't do it!

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Best. Pictures. Ever!