Saturday, February 11, 2012


I am feeling much much better since my surgery 2.5 weeks ago. Sam and I had planned to go to Toronto, but after the surgery, we weren't so sure. We decided to make a fairly last minute decision, to see how I'm feeling. It's pretty sad, but I actually preferred to be in Canada where they have good and affordable healthcare - unlike the US - and with my friend who's a nurse, rather than staying in Michigan. I was feeling strong enough to take Sam, but I was a little nervous about the whole thing.

My mom drove me and Sam to the train station in Windsor, and we took the four hour train to Toronto. Sam slept a bit, read lots of books, played with all her toys, walked up and down the aisles and played with a bunch of REALLY nice passengers. She even stayed with a random woman when I went to the bathroom. She was a champ.

We brought nearly nothing with us, so all I had to schlep was her - we had one additional outfit for each of us, her sleep sac and frog, toothbrushes, a few toys and books and some food for the train. We went straight to Jeremy's apartment, where he was on a conference call for the next hour. His apartment is a one room studio - for single dude in downtown Toronto. The shelf, one foot up, with at least 15 bottles of alcohol, along with the next shelf up with a selection of glasses including martini, champagne, wine (both red and white), and a load of shot glasses - were not exactly ready for Sam. We had to do the quick 2 minute baby-proof and then Sam got to play in this totally inappropriate play area for a few minutes until I could get her to fall asleep for an hour or so. We then took a walk to an indoor garden and checked out the dogs in the dogpark on the way (highlight, clearly).

Shana came and got us and we took the subway to her house. Samara literally fit right in with her kids, Joseph and Sam. It was unbelievable. She didn't hesitate for a minute! She just went immediately to play with the other kids and explore the toys. She ate dinner with them, bathed with Sam (2 months younger than Samara) and went straight to bed. It was awesome. The next day and a half were spent basically on their floor. Samara loved being there, and I was absolutely in awe to see my little baby playing with my best friend's babies. Incredible. Sam and Samara even coordinated their sleep schedules to give us a full 2.5 hours to chat in the afternoon. Clutch.

I got to see Tamara and Becca as well, and we made it back to the train for our ride back to Windsor on Wednesday. Overall, it was a super easy trip, and I would do it again in a second!

Since Wednesday, Sam has developed a cough and a stuffy nose. Poor baby is still happy, but she's not sleeping so well, and she's full of stuff in hear head and lungs. Hope she gets better before our next trip on Monday!!

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